Quality Control(QC) to Quality Assurance(QA)- A paradigm Shift


  • Process improvement plan consists of studying the existing software development process in organization and identifying the areas which require improvement so that productivity can be improved and cost can be minimized.
  • The proposed process model is practical and implemented in many software companies and observed many benefits which otherwise were impossible. It is flexible and can be implemented in company with no extra resources and cost; only management commitment is required.

Proposed Process Benefits

  • Shifting from Quality Control (QC) to Quality Assurance (QA).
  • Realistic deadlines based upon proper requirement analysis
  • Our focus will be shifted towards the process improvement not on individual or team pointing for not doing well.

Requirement Analysis and Story boarding

  • We can mimic the user interaction in storyboard, it is easy to write test cases after storyboard. Best thing about storyboard is user feels like real application interaction before the actual develoment
  • Difference between Mock-up and Storyboard:

In Mockup we prepare the screen and most of user interactions are explained through text, whereas

In storyboard we prepare the screen and all the user interactions are shown through

  • Mouse Pointer with animated click
  • Mouse pointer for indicating user interaction
  • Mouse motion path, custom path, loop, line etc. for mouse pointer
  •  Rectangle callout for text
  • Slides animations, Appear, Fade, Fly In, Split, zoom etc.

Writing Test cases before development
(Static Testing)

Proposed QA testing Process workflow

  • It is easy to write the test cases before the actual development takes place. All the test cases can be shown to developer so he can develop the product with minimum defects.

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