Software process Need for Quality laggards companies

Process is the way of doing things. Our every day life is full with processes, when we go to office we have process for example follow link road and move to highway then move to street 12 etc will lead to office, if we do not follow the process we can be detracted , instead of going to office we can reach to park or somewhere else.

Software development without any process is impossible if there is no coordination between different teams and no process is in place , it can lead to frustration  and dissatisfied customer. It is said that necessary is the mother of invention, necessary for cost reduction and productivity increase has lead to the invention of many process model, Waterfall, spiral, agile, Scrum under agile etc and list will go on in coming year because that is not our end , it is just a beginning toward the best of best process model for improving the quality and productivity.

We study these  process models to implement these in our professional life. Implementation for certification only will not give you the best results unless you monitor and improve them.

There are three types of process models

(1)– U or Universal Process models

(2)– W or Worldly process models

(3)– A or Atomic process models

U model like Waterfall model is top down approach toward the problem solution, details steps are not given it is up to implement how he is going to implement it. It is opposite to A or atomic levels models where each step is given.

W or Worldly process models takes us to little bit details, problem can be decomposed from top to bottom for solution or bottom to top.

A or Atomic process models provides us the details steps for example not to work more then 40 hours in a week for better productivity etc.

Our journey from waterfall model to CMMI and OSI model, personal software process models (PSP) CMMI 12 KPAs out of 16 is step towards individuals approach for quality improvement plan. Company is the group of individuals if they produce good results final product automatically will be a good quality.


There are the companies who started their work from single room and with one software engineer and did research and development and improved their processes and finally got world wide reputation for good quality, now they are leader in software industry today, but these are few most of the companies are still hesitated to implement or improve the process models, I personally know some of  them and I would say that they are the quality laggards, they argue why to implement them as we are making good money. As a result office environment becomes where very one saves his/her side, QA is blamed for verification and developers are blamed for not implemented the intended requirements. It is not the fault of employees, it is the failure of management


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