A Process Model for SQA

Software Quality Assurance as a Process Model

An SQA group plays a very important role in SDLC. An SQA organizations have well define process model for carrying out the quality assurance activities. Research shown that

60% organizations don’t have any SQA. vvv

20% have Token SQA,

15% have Passive SQA

and Only 5% organization have active SQA.

As we know that software varies from industry to industry that’s why focus on Software quality depends on the industry and as well as the importance of software product or services. Mission critical application requires higher quality software then others.

An SQA process should be quantitatively analyzed for process improvements. An SQA process is also need Process assurance. As this quality gate itself should be of high quality.

Some mature software companies have better SQA process implemented and have well define standards for documentations and operations. They have set of tools, method and practices that they use to document the software and associated products i.e design document, Test cases etc. The organizations with less maturity have ad-hoc processes in place where quality is in SQA persons mind.

Input of QA process are Requirements, Project management plan, Configuration management plan, Software development plan, Test Plan, Risk data etc. and Output of QA process are QA Plan, Action item status, Process improvement recommendations etc.

Review Project level plans is input for develop SQA Plan and Coordinate metrics is an input for Coordinate risk program and perform audit is an input for monitor test program and facilitate process improvement.


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