Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is very powerful application for web sites development, content management, rights management and most importantly web part extends its limitation, custom programming can be done as per user requirement and web parts can be integrated with existing pages. Faster development and quick to market the product by integrating the existing web parts developed by Microsoft community all over the world.

We can do following with Share Point

´  Supports in Application life cycle management (ALM) for content management.

´  Requirement/Release Management by using custom forms.

´  Project Management (in the form of document management and sharing)

´  Development and Customization (Web parts)

´  Can support and help in an Process optimization plan (Survey/feedback )

Microsoft SharePoint Architecture Model

MS SharePoint application runs on SharePoint server, SharePoint server runs on SharePoint foundation, SharePoint foundation runs on .net framework, .net framework runs on IIS, IIS runs on windows server as shown below in layer form.

Microsoft SharePoint Services

SharePoint Lists, Web Sites layout, Auto E-mail configuration, document libraries and Surveys can be customized for other teams as par their requirements.

Human Resource department can generate survey/voting, upload confidential documents, can share General Staff Meeting documents with employees

SharePoint Lists, Web Sites layout, Auto E-mail configuration, document libraries and Surveys customization allows to save time and development effort.

SharePoint Permission levels

Permission levels are defined on each SharePoint list, Document library and Sub sites, also rights can be inherited for other Lists and libraries

´  User with Full control will be able to view graphical summary of responses, show all responses and settings control.

´  User with Contribute rights will be able only to Response the survey, Settings, and graphical summary of responses and show all responses link will not be shown to that user.

Note: User with Full Control can assign rights to other users

UserUser AUser BUser C
GroupSite OwnerSite MembersSite Visitors
Permission LevelFull ControlContributeRead
PermissionsAll Contribute Permissions + Manage lists and Override Check-outAll read permissions + Add items, Edit items, Delete items, Delete versions and Approve items.View items, open items, view versions, create alerts and View application pages.  

Custom Site/Web part development:

Multiple sites can be developed for different departments.


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