Reaching the Heights in Life

Seduction, indirect manipulation and deceptive methods that people use in offices and in their lives to get heights, to get notice, get raised, reach at higher position and so on. I was always taught that do not think in that way and always behave as a gentleman, always think positive and you will be a good man.

I always wonder why people behave in certain way, why people hurt me, why they fool to each other. Why people get reward for work done by another person.  I always ask this question to myself. I did reflection, critically thinking and tried to understand peoples hidden motives. Now after many years of working experience with different peoples, sharing my thoughts with you.

People are infinitely complex, you can spend your life time by studying them, by watching their actions. Many people spend their life by studying properties of animals and birds, engineering, math and computer science and they do not spend time in studying humans in which they live and die. Studying the human psychology is utmost important. To thrive in modern civilized war, you must study people’s behaviors. In contemporary age quarrels and direct fights are discourage and people are using deceptive methods, seduction, Manipulations to get heights.

Life is game and mastering the game is important. You need to understand the rules. Plan many moves ahead. Do not indulge or dray yourself into petty matters that wastes your valuable time and resources. Do not take part in quarrels that have high price to be paid. People are wearing many masks and hide their actions thought. You need to observe your opponent and plan counter attack, outwardly you behave as a gentleman but inwardly don’t. Wear the velvet gloves in your iron hand. If you always do good things and always behave as a gentleman people will ruin you those who are not good.

Most people say knowledge is power, I would say knowledge is potential power until it is used. This two-edge weapon can be used constructively and distractedly. Learning never stops, you can always improve yourself. Once goal is set in your life you can achieve it and after achieving you can improve. Whether it is learning something new or perfecting a skill you already have, there is opportunity to get better in every once life.

See how every principles of “Kaizen” applied to once personal life for continuous improvement.

  1. Improve everything continuously
  2. Abolish old, traditional concepts.
  3. Accept no excuses and make things happen
  4. Say no to the status quo of implementing new methods and assuming they will work.
  5. If something is wrong correct it.
  6. Empower everyone to take part in problem solving
  7. Get information and opinions from multiple people
  8. Before making decisions, ask “Why” five times to get to the root cause.
  9. Be economical, save money through small improvements and spend the saved money on further improvements.
  10. Remember that improvements have no limits, never stop trying to improve.

Break down the large goal into yearly, monthly and daily tasks and start working on it day by day. Each day small work contributes to large goal and one day you will achieve that. Greatest discoveries, big business and if something big happens into once life, it is a result of many years and decades work. Often people do not realize that and they tend to associate that big and wonderful achievement in once life to luck or gift from god.

People love to hear the fascinating story about Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, their leaving college and starting a big technology business, but often most of the people do not realize that these drop out persons had a goal in their lives and they worked day and night to achieve that. Now they have business expanded around the globe and improving day by day. At any stage of life and business there is always room for improvement. To keep the business in market, to get competitive edge, we need to continuously improve it. 

Professional who do not improve, do not get new knowledge and skills, often lack behind. To sell yourself at high price in market, you need to improve personally, professionally and economically, you should have to faces, one face continuously looking at future and one face looking at past. Respect in society, status and money do not come at its own way, it can be earned and there is price to be paid.

 Child first learns to crawl and then walk and then run. After many years of practice and patience a marathon can be won. If child is at it’s first stage of crawling, he cannot win the marathon. We all in our life are at certain stage. People often say and do “If someone has done i can do it now” but often they forget their stage and fail. When people fail, often they lose heart and do not try second chance, third chance, forth change, until they succeeded. This is main cause of failure. We are product of thinking people around us. Most of such thinking is average, average thinking is pulling us back. Big thinking does magic but people stick to their old ideas and believes and this traditional thinking is main cause of their failure in life and hinder is life improvement.


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