Software process Need for Quality laggards companies

Process is the way of doing things. Our every day life is full with processes, when we go to office we have process for example follow link road and move to highway then move to street 12 etc will lead to office, if we do not follow the process we can be detracted , insteadContinue reading “Software process Need for Quality laggards companies”


Formal Method Integration with Agile’s Stoyboarding

Agile Storyboarding is an informal method for documenting the software requirements. It is most useful and widely adopted process in agile teams. If we include the formal methods (VDM, Z, Algebraic, OBJ or Ptri Nets) in our case z specification, that can be more effective way of documenting the requirements. To demonstrate it practically IContinue reading “Formal Method Integration with Agile’s Stoyboarding”

Agile Scalability for Enterprise

Challenges and Solutions for LsSS Agile process model can be scaled across multiple offshore teams with more than 500 peoples working together on enterprise level project. This brings the challenges because Scrum works well when teams are small and located in one geographic area. In this article these challenges are discussed and their solutions areContinue reading “Agile Scalability for Enterprise”