Online Courses

  1. ISTQB Agile Tester (ISTQB-AT ) Certification

ISTQB Agile Tester Curriculum Exam Preparation by Solving Real ISTQB-AT Exam

This course is designed for people who are seeking knowledge about agile testing methodologies and agile frameworks. This course helps students to clear the ISTQB Foundation Extension Agile Tester certification test by clearing the concepts and making them ready to be part of the Agile team. The course is beneficial to everyone at any level in the Test team.

Main Focus of the Course:

  • The fundamentals of Agile Software Development and the various Agile approaches that are recognized and how these embrace the 4 values and 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto.
  • Understanding the role of the tester on an Agile project and how to contribute to; estimating user stories, assessing quality risks, generating testable acceptance criteria, and interpreting relevant information to support testing activities.
  • Understand the various tools that support testing in an Agile project and how these differ from a traditional project.
  • How Agile projects differ from traditional projects and what methods are implemented to demonstrate the status of testing throughout the project.


2. ISTQB Foundation Level for 2020 Exam +609quiz

ISTQB Foundation Curriculum Exam Preparation by Solving Real ISTQB Exam

Developed the ISTQB Foundation Level preperation course on Udemy for the people who want to learn about software testing and specially quality assurance professionals who want to get the foundation level certification from ISTQB.


3. ISTQB Foundation Level Practice Exams

Practice timed ISTQB Foundation Level Practice Exams and get ready to be a software certified tester

The course is up to date with the latest syllabus from ISTQB

Test your knowledge of Software Testing and prepare yourself to take the ISTQB foundation level exam. The questions are related to the ISTQB Software Testing Foundation Syllabus. The questions are distributed according to the ISTQB guidelines like the real exam.


4. Test Automation by Using Katalon Studio

Learn Web Application testing using Katalon Studio. Start as a beginner and be expert in automation testing.

This course “Test Automation by using Katalon Studio” is a beneficial and useful course for those who want to learn from basic to advance levels about test automation or those testers who wants to shift from manual to automation testing. In this course, i have explained the automation concepts/best practices with examples by using the katalon studio.

Katalon Studio is an open source, simple and easy to learn automation testing tool. Anyone having less or no coding experience can work on it. Experts can use their expertise to generate robust code. This course will enable the learner to work on web application automation testing using Katalon Studio at an advanced level. Katalon Studio is built on top of selenium library.

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