Cost of Later bug fixing

There were only 2 bugs in production and end user finds the 38 bugs 🙂  because Requirement were not properly understood There were design/coding problems Some issues were left out during unit testing QA could cover all test scenarios Finally we delivered the product to user with 38 bugs Relative Cost of fixing a bugContinue reading “Cost of Later bug fixing”


Can we design Scalable, Reliable and Secure Operating system?

As computer processing power is doubling after every 18 months according to Moore’s law. Currently, we have 3 to 10 processor’s cores are available and lots of memory available and thousands of different devices available. If this trend continues, are we need a different OS design that can scale? Designing a scalable operating system isContinue reading “Can we design Scalable, Reliable and Secure Operating system?”

Risk Analysis in Software Design

Software design is an important development life cycle. If risk factor is kept in mind during this phase, our design will be secure, robust and 99.9% allocation uptime and if we eliminate the risk factor, intruder may get access to private data and we may face the legal penalty and client loss. In web application security should be thereContinue reading “Risk Analysis in Software Design”