QA Role and Responsibilities for making the project Successful

QA Role for the Success of Project is very important. QA role is leadership role for the software project. This article is based upon my experiences in SQA organizations. Some times this role is misunderstood by QA professionals and that creates problems and as a result software product suffers from quality point of view andContinue reading “QA Role and Responsibilities for making the project Successful”


Quantifying Non-Funcational Requirments of Service Oriented Applications

A Classification and Quantification of Non-Funcational Requirments  A non-functional requirements are those which are not related to functionality of the system and often ignored to quantify for software projects. In this article I will discuss the importance of non-functional requirements quantification for service oriented architecture. Some of services i.e. weather forecast services, Money Transfer APIs,Continue reading “Quantifying Non-Funcational Requirments of Service Oriented Applications”

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is very powerful application for web sites development, content management, rights management and most importantly web part extends its limitation, custom programming can be done as per user requirement and web parts can be integrated with existing pages. Faster development and quick to market the product by integrating the existing web parts developedContinue reading “Microsoft SharePoint”