Requirement Engineering and SQA

Requirement is something wanted or needed, it is 1st and most important part of development life cycle and often ignored by software houses and as a result, we get dissatisfied customer and lot of rework is done. The hardest single port of building a software system is deciding what to build, in this phase we answerContinue reading “Requirement Engineering and SQA”


Intelligent Requirement Traceability

An expert system-Solution to traceability problem Requirement traceability is sub discipline of requirements management. A Requirement traceability problem is around 1995, many solution has proposed for example ‘Rule based System’ for traceability solution, A bug tracking tool for example JIRA has some mechanism to track the requirement from bugs and vice versa. All the solutionContinue reading “Intelligent Requirement Traceability”

Quantifying Non-Funcational Requirments of Service Oriented Applications

A Classification and Quantification of Non-Funcational Requirments  A non-functional requirements are those which are not related to functionality of the system and often ignored to quantify for software projects. In this article I will discuss the importance of non-functional requirements quantification for service oriented architecture. Some of services i.e. weather forecast services, Money Transfer APIs,Continue reading “Quantifying Non-Funcational Requirments of Service Oriented Applications”

Cost of Later bug fixing

There were only 2 bugs in production and end user finds the 38 bugs 🙂  because Requirement were not properly understood There were design/coding problems Some issues were left out during unit testing QA could cover all test scenarios Finally we delivered the product to user with 38 bugs Relative Cost of fixing a bugContinue reading “Cost of Later bug fixing”